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It's a real head banger!

Banger game! I never want to do taxes again. Not that I did anyways.

Thanks for the PTSD

wow! corto y original!! Gracias creador!


Why cant i evade them? Add evading taxes.

I love doing taxe

Who knew taxes were fun.... Maybe

irado, quase infartei

Def a weird one 9/10 from me

accurately represents what doing taxes is like! what a great educational game :))


Did not realize it was horror till the middle of playing it lol. But the atmosphere and story were riveting. Wonderful job for a game made in such a short time 

that was so entertaining yet terrifying LOL did not expect it to be like that at all

didn't expect the story X'D I was frighten

100% did not expect that specific twist, but I liked it! 

nice game! i didn't know it was a horror game but it was a pleasant surprise

Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing game! SO MUCH FUN!

Loved doing my taxes! 10/10

This was pretty cool

Where is my money???

For a 48 hour game jam, this game was really well put together! I still somehow messed up on sorting the taxes, something so simple.


it is broken and wont open on mac :(

great game about doing my taxes 😀👍

keep up the good work! i love it!!

oh i remember this game! i was searching for it and found it!


This was a very good short horror game, and made in 48 hours? That's impressive! 

Played through this on stream! 

i loved it!!!!

genuinely insane i loved it!

very cool game but the horror part is a bit to quick

Don't screw up when doing your taxes, I love the whole premise of the game


Pretty neat game, nice job!


cannot sex with the voices, practically unplayable

was this a horror game in disguised?

why was there a part where everything got blacked out for split sec-

muito bom

This game got me once! I liked it. I can not believe that it was made in just 48 hours!

I'll pay my taxes, but those bills have got to go!
Solid game, very true-to-life of your average taxpayer.

when i try to download the mac version it just keeps saying that the application cannot be opened, has anyone else faced this issue?

I think you should change your unarchiving software. The Unarchiver is good. Archive Utility didn't work in my case.


Aight didnt read the tags...did not know this was a horror game and my life expectancy has been reduced by 2 years. Cool game!

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