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wow that was hell... Ill go show to my friends!

Fabulous game. Unexpectedly good.


This game really is about doing your taxes, I expected it to be a horror game but the horror is obviously just the taxes

Great Game.. alot of fun!

even if i do correctly it puts me in hell

This was such a great game! I honestly would have loved an endless mode. :D


OH MY GOD! THis Game Is Awesome! The start of it like any short game with nice music, calm ambience later changing! such a DOPE GAME! Loved it! I am not a fan of these type of games but this was ANOTHER LEVEL for me! TRYING NOT TO SPOIL it for the other new players!


For a mundane game about literally doing your taxes and definitely nothing else, it was 10/10 xd

Great game!!! Love the atmosphere.Here is my indonesian gameplay!!! :)

I can't download it for mac cuz the update makes it so that it can only open "signed" file




We all don't just wanna do taxes!~...Do YOU? <3

I really wasn't expecting that omg, I loved the game, now im scared that im gonna have to do taxes

i didnt even know this had a scary aspect to it...enjoyed it

After playing this I may need help

And so Do I

doing your taxes?

Really loved it.


Doing taxes is already horror

I... wasn't expecting that


Probably the scariest game of all time! Mainly cause it feels like real life! Haha great game! 

this was really fun!! i liked the bgm too, one of my favorite tunes

omg, that headphone reminder... heed it! no spoilers, what a very silly and legitimately creepy game!!

i lost ten years of my youth playing this game. i loved it, great job!


I have no idea how I didn't realize this was a horror game until it full-shifted genres.

What a fun game about taxes! Who knew they were so easy to do?

Just a COMPLETELY normal game about paying your taxes. Nothing unusual here.

I thought this was just a game about taxes so when there was the first screen static flicker I literally bricked myself and uninstalled the game. The tax part was fun though

Lesson Learned.

Do your fucking taxes.

We literally did our taxes, very fun game and way more creepy than expected! 

At the first time I didn't think this is scary game!Haha anyways,good job!The game was really fun! :D

This was so much fun! I didn't pay too much attention to genre tags when I downloaded it so it genuinely surprised me with that twist!!! I really look forward to more from these developers!

Finally, a game that satisfys my love of doing taxes! Truly amazing and a real live saver when you really want to sink your teeth into some taxes and much loved tax season is still a few months away.

If like me the idea of peacefully spending an afternoon doing taxes fills you with excitement, then this is the game for you 

This was a really fun game! I loved the twist, it even spooked me! Would recommend to my tax-loving friends


The only thing scary in this game is the amount of taxes and ads you get per day!

it wont let me donlowd

I really liked the art style and the sudden change of events was quite an experience!

It's a nice concept to feel how the forbes personality will never feel.

When I played this game I thought it was quite literally a game about only doing your taxes, I wasn't expecting the sudden turn of events that occurred. I really enjoyed the game although I almost quit playing since I didn't if there was anything else to the game other than separating bills. 

Came here bc Markiplier played it and I was not disappointed. So creepy to play it yourself and I went back through to get the other ending. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS

Def a spooky game!! 

It just gets better and better, I defiantly recommend this game. 

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