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shouldv'e checked the comments first before playing the game dead at night with headphones on. Nonetheless, great game! the animations were superb, the audio used were awesome, and thee concept was brilliant!

Probably the most accurate representation of doing taxes, reminds me of how the past 10 years have gone. 

Absolutely loved this game. What started out like a regular day at the office quickly turned into something more sinister. Those voices in your ear were a brilliant setup for the horror to come.

Minor criticism, the music was a little too loud and I found it hard to make out the whispers. Could have done with being gentle background music. Great melody choice though. Makes it feel all the more weird and creepy when stuff starts to happen.

Thanks Not a Sailor Studios. Great little game.


A fine is a tax for doing something wrong.
A tax is a fine for doing something right

Not going to lie, I honestly thought there was a ghost in my room whispering in my ear for a moment lmao. Awesome game!


Now i know why Yoshi doesn't pay his taxes. Cool game anyways!

i.. very honestly got this game because we're learning about taxes and class and i thought it would be funny. never again will i trust video game titles

anyways this was so well executed!!! i loved it:))

omg what an experience. That was amazing well done, I also recommend the website for your game too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

it not loading for me


i will never look at taxes the same way again

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Just about doing your taxes. Nothing more than that.

Did you already pay your taxes today? 

ah yes, we love taxes. this game is about taxes. t a x e s

it may look like a simple game but it has an interesting plot

its a good game

I really like this font.. What is the name?

Will love to know that!


If you mean the website font, the css shows this:'04b_03',Lato,LatoExtended,sans-serif

So I suppose it's: 04b_03


here's a link to it on dafont:

what even

amazing. truly amazing.

top 10 reasons not to die:

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

pay taxes

Reasons to not die:

Pay Taxes

Pay Bills

No Annoying Ads

Wow taxes are so fun!


Very lifelike, yet entertaining! Kids, do your taxes. 


Nice game~ I really enjoyed the fact that the game is about doing a few taxes~!

Wow, what a good game about doing your taxes! I feel like I learned a lot. Thanks!

Made taxes fun! Thanks!


Found this game for doing my hhomework assignment. Must say, for doing this within a 48 hour time span and how short game play is, story is great, as well as the audio and visuals.

My only thing at the time of critiquing that I mentioned was that it seemed more like a psychological thriller rather than horror. I now see that this is actually under simulation, but it still looks up with the horror tag. 

Good Job, guys!


This was my second time playing through and i got a different ending! Your game starts at 4:44. This is one of my favorite concepts for a horror game in a while enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time

I don't think we even scratched the surface of this game during out play-through. The gradual change from vaguely funny to darker and darker was unexpected and welcome. Got some jumps out of us for sure. 

This game surprised me!
i give this a 9/10 for teaching me to do my taxes


Love the idea of the game and how everything played out. I'm definitely planning on giving it another few playthroughs in my next video and will give my final thoughts and critique there. Seriously loved it and my wife really enjoyed watching as well!

bruh that turned dark real quick

Fantastic game! Totally love it. Check out my review and please subscribe :)

okay why the hell does it have blood on it!?!?

(+1) i saw jack play it and IMIDEANTLY came here! you should really play this!

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Loved it! I got 2 endings, but im SURE there are more... or maybe im losing my mind? :D these taxes man i tell ya...

Love the 8bit "Take Five" :D


Fantastic! Quality horror game, nobody would know this is a horror game for the first time, i know i didn't. Gameplay, engine, were really simply made and didn't impress me, proves how gameplay isn't the most important part and an interesting idea can make a game. Art, drawing, music, sound production really great it all fits for the game. I would, like for you to make it longer, that would be amazing. Simple, but really good game 9/10.


It was something short and I wasn't expecting the spooks in this. I'd love to see more of this if it's possible to do so.

as an employee of the financial industry who deals with taxes on a daily basis...I enjoyed this very much and empathize. 


This game is pretty much reality ....Depression.....Hatred.....Sadness......Lonliness......Dark

I love  it!



so good


Who knew that a game about doing taxes could be so awesome?!

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