A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes is a game about literally doing your taxes.

Never has there been a game so objectively accurate to the role of an everyday tax payer. The goal of the game is to sort the tax from the trash in order to successfully make it through the week. This experience lasts a total of 7 days, so about 10 minutes. 

This project was part of a game jam and created in 48 hours!

"A totally normal game about doing your taxes and absolutely nothing else."

 -Rock, Paper, Shotgun


  • Life-like sliding physics and arm motion.
  • Silly ads and very very serious looking tax documents.
  • Changing backgrounds.
  • Coffee.
  • A cool pencil.

Controls (Read carefully)

Tax - Left Arrow

Trash - Right Arrow

Pause - Escape

Wear headphones for best experience.

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Updated 1 day ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorNot a Sailor Studios
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Horror, Narrative, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, taxes, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions


  1.  Download the .zip file.
  2.  Extract the folder anywhere you'd like.
  3.  Run the file called A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes.exe


  1.  Download the .zip file.
  2.  Extract the folder anywhere you'd like.
  3.  Right click AGALDYT.app and click open.


A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes 52 MB
A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes 56 MB

Development log


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Love the idea of the game and how everything played out. I'm definitely planning on giving it another few playthroughs in my next video and will give my final thoughts and critique there. Seriously loved it and my wife really enjoyed watching as well!

bruh that turned dark real quick

Fantastic game! Totally love it. Check out my review and please subscribe :)

okay why the hell does it have blood on it!?!?


best.game.EVER. i saw jack play it and IMIDEANTLY came here! you should really play this!

(3 edits) (+2)

Loved it! I got 2 endings, but im SURE there are more... or maybe im losing my mind? :D these taxes man i tell ya...

Love the 8bit "Take Five" :D


Fantastic! Quality horror game, nobody would know this is a horror game for the first time, i know i didn't. Gameplay, engine, were really simply made and didn't impress me, proves how gameplay isn't the most important part and an interesting idea can make a game. Art, drawing, music, sound production really great it all fits for the game. I would, like for you to make it longer, that would be amazing. Simple, but really good game 9/10.


It was something short and I wasn't expecting the spooks in this. I'd love to see more of this if it's possible to do so.

as an employee of the financial industry who deals with taxes on a daily basis...I enjoyed this very much and empathize. 


This game is pretty much reality ....Depression.....Hatred.....Sadness......Lonliness......Dark

I love  it!



so good


Who knew that a game about doing taxes could be so awesome?!


LOVE THIS GAME! Even though it was SUPER boring and all we did was literally taxes, we highly recommend everyone to play this game still! If you are reading this and not sure about this game, just play it. Or if you want to watch our 15 minish video of us playing it, all good. We enjoyed this game tremendously and my partner reactions are so fun. Keep up the great work and looking forward to future projects from this studio.

Haha love it

This game had more than I expected and made me do things to make sure I was safe.


They had us in the first half, ngl.


The way things turned out was quite unexpected. I had a good time playing.


shis fye


This game really wasn't something I was expecting. I really enjoyed it though! I'll definitely be keeping up with your work :)


back story please


the right game for yoshi


i just finished it! not what i was expeccting lmao


Great game, great concept. The sound effects scared me good. I wasn't expecting it to turn out the way it did.

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This game was alot of fun!


This was awesone great fun!
Gameplay of my vid starts at 9.52



Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with this game! Nice job on this game! very much enjoyed it!


Don't mind me, just another wannabe youtuber making a video about a nice game :)

But for real, good job on the game guys it was really a different experience.


I just wanted to do my taxes!

loved the game will be a video on my channel tomorrow. 


so legit.

I like this actual factual depiction of tax season!

How come the escape key stopped working?


Hey dude! Nice game, I enjoyed it while it lasted, thank you. I hope you'll make a longer version of this with more options. Overall the game made me think about: "papers, please". I hope to see work from you in the (near) future! 

I LOVED this game and how dark it gets fast. Admittedly I played this game by not doing my taxes so maybe that's why things got dark but I loved it regardless. 10/10

Really nice game guys, quite enjoyed it, wasn't expecting the ending tho! 


(Gameplay is below but first, a review :D)

First off I gotta say, I had a feeling there was more to this game than meets the eye. Something about the cheerful music seemed way too off for me haha. My gamer intuition told me something’s happening lol.

I loved how the controls were simplistic as well as the game. This was a neat simulation of paying taxes (wink wink) and totally/definitely not a game that’ll weird you out for sure!

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Adulting is hard. Sometimes, it's absolutely mental...

Simple in premise, simple in gameplay, far better than first impressions led me to believe. "A game literally about doing taxes? This can't be all!" Oh, how right I was.

I enjoyed the progression of the game, both in content and pacing. Subtle at first, then more in-your-face the deeper in I went. The details in certain things were also a nice touch, all the way to the end.

Oh, and the chiptune Dave Brubek was a fun touch!

Overall, damn fine showing for a 48 hour project!


Very cool! A very realistic simulation of doing taxes xD

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