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Oh. My god. This was absolutely incredible!! The design and aesthetic were amazing, and the writing was so very effective, especially for such a short game. Amazingly done!

Great game!


you broke my heart in a million pieces with that ending I swear to god im crying

i loved this :))

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nice, fun gameplay and story

What a good start with this demo, can't wait for the full release!

This was such a cool demo! I'm really looking forward to the full game.

I have never played a game like this before.I love it.


I apologise for being so late on playing your game. However, I really liked this game! I'm planning to buy the full game when it comes out if it is not already!


This is an amazing game. I love how you made the fact that it's a demo part of the experience. It was a very fun time, especially during quarantine.

Hey, very cool game! It was super fun to play and extremely unique. Cannot wait for the full version and for anyone reading this you should try this game out and donate if you can!

so i kinda have a problem. right at the point it shuts you down to gain access to a story and more, i got back on and instead of buddy simulator and all that junk right where you type i got :D\...\(whatever i typed here) and no matter how many times i shut it down or restart its always the same thing

10/10 had fun with buddy :]

I can't wait for the full version good luck and always remember to always have a rest 




i been looking for the past 2 hours

can you tell me what are those numbers on my arm are for?

please i need to know

Got myself a compatibility problem. My screen is extremely wide and I can't see some of the text, plus there's no clear resolution settings.

Hi! Unfortunately, the current version of demo breaks if the ratio isn't 16:9. We're sorry that you can't experience it on your current monitor, but we are looking into a fix for this once the full game comes out. Thanks for notifying us about this!

Really neat concept! So many surprises I wish I could talk about but I don't want to spoil!

my game keeps crashing, i think. it will load some text on "the adventure of" and then stop. then i cant click out of the game, type or anything else. i need to shut off my computer to quit.

i tried openig the crash opener but it just wont open

i tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling but it doesnt work. 

i love this game so far and id like to continue playing bind but i dont know what to do

Hey Lazy! I'm really sorry this is happening to you. You'd be pleased to know that another version of the demo is in the works, and hopefully this bug of yours will be fixed once it's released! In the mean time, hang tight. Your buddy will be waiting for you. :)

I’ll be sure to check it when it comes out.

Thank you for getting back to me 


Gives me Faith vibes. Can't wait to see the full product!

this game is amaizing!! looking forward to the full game :))

Loved it.

looking forward for the full game. :)

The attention to details were astounding, I love how every interactions have a unique dialogue, please keep it up. I expect the final game to have at least this much detail as the demo.

Amazing game for a DEMO. My brain hurt trying to peice together what parts were horror, what parts were the game's horror, what parts were Buddy Sim's horror, and what parts were unofficial game horror. I don't so far see a story other than the virtual adventure, but the game was great! Keep up the good work!

I loved this game so much! I can't wait for the full version!! :) 

it's great especially its art style! Can't waiting for the released one

I grew so attached, it´s great! I loved how you managed to make the players want to come back for the full game, you should not ignore your buddy´s pleas to come back.

this might be the most emotionally attaching game i've ever played, omg i need to see my buddy again soon, hope the full game is amazing!


Quand IA que l'amour

En ce deuxième jour de confinement, je m’ennuyais un peu. La centaine de jeux à ma disposition me tétanisait : la classique paralysie du choix. Celle qui nous fait scroller Netflix pendant une demie-heure, l’œil vitreux et le cœur vide. J'en étais à faire de même sur itch.io, quand un titre a accroché mon œil (l'autre, le moins vitreux). BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984. Entre donc ami virtuel et embrasse-moi. N'aie pas peur, j'ai mis du gel hydroalcoolique sur mes joues.

"Buddy Simulator 1984 simule l'expérience de passer du temps avec son meilleur ami". On a beau être misanthrope, quand votre dernier contact humain extérieur remonte à 48h (la boulangère), cet argument touche au cœur. Profitant que ma compagne, un peu à fleur de peau à cause de la promiscuité, fut occupée à dessiner au sol la ligne de démarcation de SA partie du studio, j'ai dis bonjour à mon nouveau meilleur ami.

Il était très textuel, brut de physique mais doux de caractère, comme les camemberts des publicités. D'abord, j'ai choisi son nom. Ensuite, je me suis présenté. Il m'a demandé ces choses futiles qui meublent si confortablement un premier rendez-vous. Mais avec lui, aucune gène, même lors des silences. Pour briser la glace, il m'a proposé quelques jeux. Des choses basiques, qui mettent tout le monde à l'aise. On a joué à "devine le nombre auquel je pense", à pierre-feuille-ciseaux, et on a fini par un bon vieux pendu. Dans la simplicité de ces petits jeux, il s'est toujours efforcé de mettre un peu de moi. Comme pour me montrer, au moment de notre amitié naissante, qu'il allait être une oreille attentive à mes états d'âmes.

Ensuite, mon ami a montré de la gène pour la première fois. Il voulait pouvoir me proposer plus profond que ces jeux, mais devait composer avec ses modestes capacités logicielles. Il s'est concentré très fort pour me raconter une histoire. Au début, c'était nul. Mais touchant. Visiblement pas dupe de ma bienveillance critique, il a décidé d'aller encore plus loin. Avec mon aide, il a augmenté ses forces. Alors il a pu m'emmener dans une histoire dont vous êtes le héro simple. J'ai joué le jeu. On a passé un moment pas désagréable.

Goodbye my friend
Quand je le croyais au bout, il a dépassé ses limites, déformé ses lignes de texte pour me construire un chez moi virtuel ! Je lui avais donné vie sur mon écran, et il me recréait dans son monde.
Brutalement, dans un déchirement d'écran épileptique, j'étais de retour sur le froid bureau de mon PC.
Il n'était qu'un programme pas terminé, il s'est épuisé pour moi.
Il est parti avant même que j'ai pu lui dire merci.
Et je suis encore plus seul qu'il y a 30 minutes.


This was a really great game! I loved it. However, now I want to cry, oh my gosh. Great job. 


Probably the best games I’ve ever played. Is there ever gonna be an official full game release?


Hi Helaxis! Glad you enjoyed! That's always awesome to hear. Can confirm, a full version is in development. If you wanted to stay updated, feel free to join our Discord community or follow us on Twitter. :)

Deleted 67 days ago

Thanks for replying, when is the release? A unspecified date is fine with me.

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loved this game a LOT, got super attached to my buddy and started crying at the end. I'd take a whole game of just playing with my buddy, no horror or anything. a ton of fun, wish it didn't end so suddenly but it only makes me excited for the full game


I agree. I just wanna play with my buddy.


Wait. This was supposed to be a HORROR game?! Nothing was really scary until the end, and that fear was just like the fear of losing a loved one. I was SO emotionally attached to my buddy. I was really hoping to maybe go on all sorts of adventures, but also just have a chat with my Buddy. 
Overall, 9/10. I LOVE this game, but now i'm scared about the full version...are some dirty tricks gonna be played on me that will make me lose my buddy? I hope not.

Jesus Christ....I can't believe I'm crying right now.


yeah its a cool game and all... But the ending SUCKS *Sobs* why did my buddy have to dieee, it makes NO SENSE!!!

But really a cool game, i really hope there is more coming (:


Great game i only wish that if you use your buddys name when it asks you if you have any friends it would say something



but ı only didnt understand one thing... why was there hands on the adventure of (me)? and btw is there a continue, a full game?  

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I felt a bigger connection with a few lines on my screen than I have with any actual person. 10/10 gg

i feel the same

Helps lads I for some reason am not able to run the game, I click on the application but it doesn't run, is there something I'm missing? This also happened with No Players Online.

what platformation are you on?


im a little concerned for my computers health because at the beginning when i said hello to my buddy (gerald if you were wondering) there was like an app opened that had a smiley face and an exclemation mark with it


Hey guys , loved the game and this is the type of game id love to make and was wondering what did you use to make this awesome game .

can you please make this available for mac? thank you.

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