In a post-apocalyptic world full of flesh-eating bugs that have eradicated humanity, only one--no--TWO can stop them. Join Ram n' Oodles as they defend their overrun noodle shop in this rogue-like bullet hell!

Part of the Not a Sailor Studios 2022 Game Jam

Check out the devlog and other game submissions here:


-Over 5 different enemies to survive against with unique abilities

-Endless waves to compete for high score

-Unique upgrade system for both Ram and Oodles

-Boppin soundtrack

-Miso, the world renowned ramen chef


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nice arcade

WOW! I would love to learn how to make that epic intro animation in Unity!

AHH I love this. Seeing how well it's balanced and how caotic it can get from one round to the next is amazing.
It's perfect for as a little game on the side for when you're bored! 

Achieved my goal of a hitless round in round 20 with 10 hearts to spare. And to think that this runs in the browser.. simply amazing!