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Great game, great concept. The sound effects scared me good. I wasn't expecting it to turn out the way it did.

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This game was alot of fun!


This was awesone great fun!
Gameplay of my vid starts at 9.52


Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with this game! Nice job on this game! very much enjoyed it!


Don't mind me, just another wannabe youtuber making a video about a nice game :)

But for real, good job on the game guys it was really a different experience.


I just wanted to do my taxes!

loved the game will be a video on my channel tomorrow. 


so legit.

I like this actual factual depiction of tax season!

How come the escape key stopped working?


Hey dude! Nice game, I enjoyed it while it lasted, thank you. I hope you'll make a longer version of this with more options. Overall the game made me think about: "papers, please". I hope to see work from you in the (near) future! 

I LOVED this game and how dark it gets fast. Admittedly I played this game by not doing my taxes so maybe that's why things got dark but I loved it regardless. 10/10

Really nice game guys, quite enjoyed it, wasn't expecting the ending tho! 


(Gameplay is below but first, a review :D)

First off I gotta say, I had a feeling there was more to this game than meets the eye. Something about the cheerful music seemed way too off for me haha. My gamer intuition told me something’s happening lol.

I loved how the controls were simplistic as well as the game. This was a neat simulation of paying taxes (wink wink) and totally/definitely not a game that’ll weird you out for sure!

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Adulting is hard. Sometimes, it's absolutely mental...

Simple in premise, simple in gameplay, far better than first impressions led me to believe. "A game literally about doing taxes? This can't be all!" Oh, how right I was.

I enjoyed the progression of the game, both in content and pacing. Subtle at first, then more in-your-face the deeper in I went. The details in certain things were also a nice touch, all the way to the end.

Oh, and the chiptune Dave Brubek was a fun touch!

Overall, damn fine showing for a 48 hour project!


Very cool! A very realistic simulation of doing taxes xD

i cant play it the file wont open

If you are on a mac computer you most likely need to right click the file then click open and after that make sure to hit open on the window that pops up.

Serious question: are the symbols a cipher of some kind, or is it just to signify the madness?


Great game! For some reason, I was really expecting to just be doing taxes

really cool game like it a lot was not expect it to have jump scares and a dark end twist.


I really expected the horror tag to be a joke, but the mild psychological horror aspects and the pace of the game is brilliant. Actually was unnerving despite the short playtime.

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That was something! Great pacing and awesome idea! Thank you for that game :) Here's my playthrough (polish languague)

cant play it.. every time i swipe a card it swipes another card with it


I'm so glad I played this, it made me jump/laugh in a few places. Some excellent use of visuals and audio. Very polished too!


Today we're doing taxes. All the taxes. We wont get salty...promise...

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Tags: Horror

ive seen some comments but i don't know if they're jokes

edit: the whispers are scary please stop

edit 2: the ominous you are being watched and then the screen freaking out was terrifying. headphones are off now i don't care what you say

final edit: good game. alot less scary when you're not sleep deprived and playing in the dark




very nice


I knew I hated taxes but I never knew they were THIS scary lol! Really creepy and a good message about getting stuck in a rut! 


If only taxes were this easy. I enjoyed the surprise horror aspect of it.

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I stopped playing as soon as I realised that it was acctually probably a horror game...


My favorite part of the game:


omg i was actually terrified

Was not expecting that, but it was great. I can't imagine making such a great game in so little time. 10/10 would recommend. Also, yes, it's better with earbuds//headphones.


Was an interesting experience. Got through it in 12 mins (Perfect video length, so that made me happy.)
Didn't learn how to do taxes like I had hoped to, but I guess the real taxes, are the friends we made along the way.

...Wait that doesn't make sense...


This game is very fun! I saw one youtuber name Bijuu Mike play this game. When I play it, I started to like the game a lot! Keep up the good work :)


very good game. i didn't expect the ending. awesome!

btw here is my video


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