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loved it

where does the demo end im on a fucking ghost

I loved playing the demo!

Ending was amazing but did it have to be so sad TT


im gonna cry and beat you up (affectionate)

Noo :(


Nooo... I still want to explore the house with my buddy :(

The ending in the demo was so sad... :(

I want to go back, Let me go back. I wanted to be friends forever.



what to run

i mean

bro what to type

i'm stuck the house part at the door

the ending is sad. amazing game though, good job!

Deleted 1 year ago

This information is hardly enough to spoil the game, there is so much leading up to the ending and I recommend that you play it if you havent already.


I won't play anything to feel sad

play this game a while ago, and my memory about this game is stil vivid. the demo version alone is already amazing, i couldn't imagine how dope the full version would be - hope i can buy it anytime soon!

What a great game. I'm playing the complete version and i love it, i'm also burning with hate for the "buddy" IA, that all i want is to be mean to it and destroy it. Good job !

I bought it on Steam. Rare gem of a game. Pure art!


Gotta say really cool game, I haven't played the entire thing yet but the little bit I have played I must say I love. Especially the whole early bits with text idk why I just found it oddly fun & exciting tbh 




Why is the ending so sad :(


First of all, fuck you for ending this so sadly. Second, this is AWESOME!


this is how you make a demo, that makes you buy the game immediately lol

Full Demo No Commentary


i was so close to crying at the end, you have no idea- it was so good and i can't wait to get the full game!! the concept and the way is involved you was amazing and i loved it so much. you're doing great and i can't wait for the full game to come out and be with Max again. Good luck! :)


noooo my buddy :( RIP egg until I can get the full version

This was so good, I rushed to buy the full game as soon as I finished the demo and just wow. It was way better than I expected, and I expected a lot!! 10/10, brought me more joy than some games worth 6 times the price

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How dare you. How dare you make me cry in a demo. I got so attached to my lil buddy that the ending made me so upset. I'm beyond impressed by this. I really love this. This ripped my heart out and threw it on the ground. It left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I might just have to buy the full version now.


played the full version of this hated it big time. went in expecting another pony island/ Standley parable type game and what I got was an rpg/adventure game disguised as a pony island. Also, the rpg elements were nothing more than a bunch of fetch quests. Overall it just was a bland experience and when the game crashed and wouldd not recover after a few hours of play I just didn't care enough to go back to play all that way again because I was not exactly enjoying the experience all that much to begin with. 

love the demo and now playing the actual game!

I want to join your discord but what is this shit it isnt even a text

Help I cant vertify because of thi

Finally I am i

Great Game or demo idunno like it hope it comes soon on steam as full version(Already put it onto my wishlist) what can I say I rate this game with 5/5Stars

ok, the setup for this game is brilliant. The gradual awareness of the Buddy AI is intriguing for sure. Great so far devs! I can't wait for the completed game. 

I played the demo as well. If you have time, check it out! Please, add this game to your wishlist. 

This is amazing!! Can't wait for the Full Release! Great job, folks.

Really had me feeling bad for the little buddy this actually a demo for a game or is the fact it's a demo part of the game? I mean, you could call it a full game as it is. Short, certainly, but effective. 

im gonna try this game out it seems to be amazing!


its nice it wrote a sentence about drugs in the 4th game (i dont actually do drugs that was a joke)i rate it 14/10


Now I'm sad :(


WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A DEMO???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I MISS MY BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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