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played the full version of this hated it big time. went in expecting another pony island/ Standley parable type game and what I got was an rpg/adventure game disguised as a pony island. Also, the rpg elements were nothing more than a bunch of fetch quests. Overall it just was a bland experience and when the game crashed and wouldd not recover after a few hours of play I just didn't care enough to go back to play all that way again because I was not exactly enjoying the experience all that much to begin with. 

love the demo and now playing the actual game!

I want to join your discord but what is this shit it isnt even a text

Help I cant vertify because of thi

Finally I am i

Great Game or demo idunno like it hope it comes soon on steam as full version(Already put it onto my wishlist) what can I say I rate this game with 5/5Stars

ok, the setup for this game is brilliant. The gradual awareness of the Buddy AI is intriguing for sure. Great so far devs! I can't wait for the completed game. 

I played the demo as well. If you have time, check it out! Please, add this game to your wishlist. 

This is amazing!! Can't wait for the Full Release! Great job, folks.

Really had me feeling bad for the little buddy

So...is this actually a demo for a game or is the fact it's a demo part of the game? I mean, you could call it a full game as it is. Short, certainly, but effective. 

im gonna try this game out it seems to be amazing!


its nice it wrote a sentence about drugs in the 4th game (i dont actually do drugs that was a joke)i rate it 14/10


Now I'm sad :(


WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A DEMO???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I MISS MY BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I shed a small tear at the end of this demo, but It was really good! If I'm being honest, you guys should put an age rating before we download the game, since I didn't really expect the eye socket door....or the 713 hand carving, or the severed hand....who am I kidding?! I like it either way, but at least I know what I'm getting into when I get to play the full version! (I named my buddy Keebo)

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i didn't expect this game to make me so sad. it was great, thank you so much


Is it possible to miss someone who doesn't exist in the first place, and whom you've met just moments ago?

Yes it is. I'm waiting for you to return, buddy, it's a promise.

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Please someone help me, I cant erase the game folder because it says that there is a task running it. I tried to finish the task with the resource monitor but i cant.

Edit: Fixed 

hey! did you figure it out or..

Nope, You have the same problem too?

No... I'm just curious haha

Have you tried restarting your computer tho? 

yes I tried but it doesnt work


use the task manager, it happened to me and i stopped the files from running using the task manager

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how are they called? the last time I tried searching for them I only could find them in the resource monitor

Edit: ok I find it in ´details´ , but its the same I cant finish the task. It says ´Access is denied´

I literally just found this game from the itch.io recommended and yikes that's pretty bad. Have you tried looking up how to force quit a task that says "access is denied"?

If that doesn't help, you might wanna ask on some PC help thing, like on some sort of tech support subreddit or something. 

I already fixed it but I forgot to tell it here, but thanks for the reply.

Despite of this (because it seems that im the only one who got this problem T_T) you should try this game Its pretty good.

Oh that's good!

And i'm hearing a lot of good stuff about it! I'll check it out!


Absolutely loved this game it was the 4th game in this video 


I felt a great amount of sadness leaving my buddy behind at the end of the demo. As long as she knows I'll be back when the simulator releases in full. I can't wait to see what's in store for us next :)


Damn y'all did a great job! This was amazing.


I can't wait for the full version. The ending made me sad I didn't want to leave my buddy :( Great game so far though.


This is a really fun game! I will be waiting for the full release!

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Omgggg I love this so much! I got so attached to my buddy "Halbert" - 12/10 can't come soon enough! :)

This was fantastic! Can't wait to see more of this & your other work (actually about to try AGALDYT right now)

No way I am going to say true to my buddy Buddy, I wanted to play hangman (。•́︿•̀。) 

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have you been able to work on this recently? not to bother you but summers almost over. i understand if you havent been able to work due to quarinteen. hope your okay you should take as much time as you need! also in the final version, if possible, you sould do like a thing that connects it to the demmo for people who played it! like it saying [NAME] you came back! ive seen stuff like that happen in other games. of course if youl already almost done you shouldnt change it but just an idea for future possible games! Sorry for rambling i have autisum and i get exited about awesome games like this one! it kind of reminds me of the new chucky movie where it was just a glitching ai causing it to kill (hopefully i didnt spoil the movie for you) :) <3

Great game, at one point I thought I was about to sign myself up for getting a virus...perhaps I have.


Вот это стиль


Genuinely made me sad when it ended but a really good game

Excellent game! There were a couple times I wasn't sure what to do and had to find a few hints, but I'm not used to games like this so that is probably why. Overall, I enjoyed the game. Keep up the good work!




really fun and unique game! just recorded my game play. I'll post a link when i'm done editing. 


OP it's been a month, i wanna see you play.

naugustt im sorry i clicked the wrong post and accidentally deleted ur comment on my page : / i have no way of contacting so i had to reply here

It was just a question about the teleport orb under restaurant zone, how do i get there. is it meant to be there or is it just there to tease you. Also no problem. about that, everyone makes mistakes everyone has those days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You just go on the second floor of the restaurant zone, and yes it is meant to be there

Felt like I i should say hello back after encountering something in the demo! :)

Can't wait for the full game, loved the demo so far

god the end.. my little heart :( can't wait to play the full game!!

i just played through the demo and i am MINDBLOWN. i didn’t think a text based game could scare me that bad!! this is an amazing game so far and i cant wait for the full version. 

Oh. My god. This was absolutely incredible!! The design and aesthetic were amazing, and the writing was so very effective, especially for such a short game. Amazingly done!

Great game!


you broke my heart in a million pieces with that ending I swear to god im crying

i loved this :))

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nice, fun gameplay and story

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