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Love it! U guys made an great work on it!


this is such a good little game! very creepy! 

I really enjoyed it. Well thought out game with a reflective message. Well done

This was a weird experience but I really liked it! I kept messing up because I was going to fast lmao

very very good! i enjoyed this game a lot thanks for making it!


This one got deeper than I thought it would.


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who would’ve thought playing this game would be so TAXING…(I’m so sorry for doing this pun.)

I had so much fun doing my taxes. Thanks for such a great game. So many people enjoyed it. Game #2 


people saying this is a horror game is scaring me FOR REAL!!!! please no, i cant do this today I'm alone rn

I haven't payed a single one

I like how i can just throw out all my taxes


is this a horror game? lol cant tell

this game


every time i press an arrow key two things go instead of one


i dont know if this game is game horror :0

thanks for telling me :/

this is an experience, an interesting one for sure, but an experience non the less

when I heard the stop that scared the living crap out of me

This game helped me maximize my tax return!  


loved it nice work


Can i not pay them?/??? my daddy ussaly does this stuff hmp...

love it :)

I did my taxes

This game took the hardest turn iv seen

Its a good game but gets wierd...

Hm indeed a game about literally doing your taxes. With a little twist (;

i love this

Silly demons can't get to me, I commit tax evasion all the time.
Superb game.

Jut uploaded this game to my channel. I had no idea what to expect with this but I'm so glad i tried it. Had lot of fun with it, Didn't expect anything that happens! Great work. Heres my video if interested in watching

i didnt realize this was a horror game and almost shit my pant

You truly managed to make an interesting game about the scariest thing in the world: TAXES

I loved the graphics! Keep up the good work! :)

can i commit tax evasion in this game?

Game begins 5:49

There really was no free money at the end. Still great game and really great graphics 


i used to never get boners ever since karen took the kids, but since this game was made i am now able to get boners the sheer testosterone this game emits is so good damn strong that not only does it give me a boner it gives every man within a 5 mile radius a boner as well, thank you for this game, i will now beat my meat to animal crossing hentai


bro what :)))

yes, this is is cool game

huh. :OO

dis game gaves me da boners zoey

.. i will have to try it then



these irs bitches realy putting the averaje californian trou a lot rn😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Good game. Especially for one that was only made in 2 days. I enjoyed it.

Thoroughly disturbing.

The audio is fantastic in this game!  Totally made me look around my room!

love the spacial audio

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