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Fun game!

Perhaps the most accurate game when it come to doing taxes. 

crazy ahh game I love it

This was a very enjoyable experience, thank you for making the game!



I think i might never be able to do taxes


how did  you make an already scary thing even more scary?

Taxes are scary.

So funny but so scary idk how they did it


This took a dark turn really quickly. I always knew taxes were evil. Great game!  


A fantastic game with jazzy chiptune and a great art style! I loved the little whispers you would hear throughout the game.


Really enjoyed this game! I got so much back on my taxes! 

yep taxes are the best


Do your taxes or the taxes demon will claim your soul.


tax fraud


Was not expecting the twist, short and nice, would and have recommended to a friend.

very funny and puzzling

it was a big ol' surprise when shit went down suddenly lol

spoiler alert

i'm sorr


i fucking love taxes


Well.. that was more then... wait.. thats right. 

Enough Said - A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes 


Well, it lives up to its title, nothing special here.

Great! I like your game concept.

i did pretty good on my taxes :)

pretty good, i know how to do my taxes now, so pretty good.

wish there was a claim button as well besides download only.

You ever just wake up one day and remember that you're a fully grown adult who has to pay their taxes? Maybe you're not an adult, but you want to experience the joys of paying taxes? Well, look no further, for this game is an accurate depiction of it! 

I really wasn't expecting this game to go in the direction it did; the atmosphere was almost too cheery for a game about, well, literally doing your taxes. It wasn't until you start hearing the voices and having reality shift on you that you realize that something is wrong (even though taxes will induce voice hearing and vision loss normally). Once you get to the point of no return and find out that you're in what appears to be an asylum after seeing so many eyes, words, and visions, the story can be interpreted in many different ways: were you there because you needed to be? were you there because you discovered something (hence the constant eyes everywhere)? Regardless of your end decision, the game ends in a way that just leaves you with more questions than answers (as taxes usually do).

All in all, this is a game about literally doing your taxes. Not much more to say except that you should spend 10 minutes playing this amazing tutorial :)

My playthrough:

Okay this game is actually really good and I love the little storyline that the creators put into the game its scary because it doesen't do to much but makes you feel on edge.

yay taxes

so uh is it just me who got a Lil jumpscare after doing taxes?

Weird, amusing, and despite literally doing your taxes, it was a really fun little experience! And the funky lil background tune managed to keep it cool.

The atmosphere was weird-  Almost unsettlingly normal! But the gradual additions of details which crept onto the table were brilliant! Of course, the graphical style is one of my favs too. All around just an excellent, enjoyable time! 

For some reason, when I tried to download it, it wouldn't download.

This was such as fun experience! Thank you! :DD


This was alright. Kind of one note, there's one twist and then not much beyond spooky visuals that don't connect to a them and don't explain anything.


This is a very informative game about literally just doing your taxes. Nothing else. 🙂


Shockingly accurate! They should use this game to teach how to file taxes!


just like the simulations


Cant download :C

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